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Club Boats

HBSC has a number of club boats available for hire by club members by prior arrangement through the booking system.  Club boats cannot be used by temporary members or guests (except that they may crew a double hander helmed by a club member).  All members wishing to hire a club boat should book at least 24 hours in advance using the online booking form or by emailing on

Rules of Use

Sails, rigging and foils are located in the Club boat shed.  Please follow instructions for rigging and de-rigging.  These boats are for use by members; subject to the conditions below.  The Wayfarers must be helmed by an experienced adult or young adult sailor.

Club Boats include:

• Wayfarer - Swallow

• Wayfarer - Amazon

• RS Vision - Katja

• Laser - Bees Knees

• Laser - Wasps Elbow
• Topper - Banjo Bill
• Topper  - Cello Charlie
• Topper  - Double Bass Dave
• Topper  - Guitar Graham
• Topper  - Ukulele Hayley
• Topper  - Violin Vera
• RS Feva - Zig
• RS Feva - Zag



1.1] No responsibility will be taken by Hickling Broad Sailing Club CIO for any loss, damage, death or injury caused as a direct or indirect result of the use of the club boat including the failure of club equipment. Users of club equipment are responsible for checking that the equipment is in safe working order before use.


2.1] A personal flotation device (buoyancy aid) and appropriate clothing must be worn when sailing the club boat.

2.2] Club boats should only be taken out by members with appropriate skills. See 2.4 below

2.3] Junior members must qualify to use club boats through attending club Junior Sailing Days.

2.4] Adult members must satisfy one of the following requirements:-

a] have been given approval to use club boats. To gain approval a club member must attend at least one complete adult sailing session, 10.30 to 3.30 and display adequate helming skills as adjudged by an RYA senior sailing instructor

b] have completed three club races finishing higher than fourth from last

c] have completed a minimum of an RYA adult beginner level 2 dinghy course.

In the case of double hander boats only one crew member must be so qualified.

2.5] In the case of members under the age of 16, the club boat must only be sailed when a suitable safety boat is manned by a responsible adult and on the water (this need not be a club safety boat and can be an accompanying double handed sailing dinghy).  The responsible adult must be in attendance at all times, keep the junior member in view and ensure that an appropriate form of rescue is available at all times.

2.6] Before sailing members must be aware of the forecast weather conditions and take them into consideration and if in any doubt at all about the sailing conditions or forecast weather conditions, must not take the club boat on the water.  If the forecast or actual wind is greater than force 5 [20knots] the club boats shall not be used unless taking part in a club event.

2.7] Due care and attention must be paid to other users of the water and sailing must be in a safe and careful manner at all times.

2.8] The carrying capacity of the boat is not to be exceeded.


3.1] Club boats are to be booked by the session. Sessions are defined as the am session [ 9.00am-1.00pm] , the pm session [ 1.00pm - 4.30pm] and the evening session [ 4.30pm - club closing time].  The times are to be measured by the clock in the club house.

3.2] Members may not reserve a club boat for more than 3 sessions in advance.  The exception to this rule being during club regattas, and for the purpose of entering the regatta, a member may book 4 sessions to allow for morning and afternoon sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.

3.3] To reserve a club boat session, the member must mark their name or initials in the appropriately dated box on the " Club Boat Reservation Form" in the Club Boat Log Book.  At the same time, part 1 of the " Club Boat Booking Form" must be completed.  Reservations can be filled in by another member but must record the name of the member borrowing the boat and the name of the member making the booking.

3.4] Where a boat has been reserved but is no longer required, the Club Boat coordinator is to be notified via email: If the boat which has been reserved, is not being used one hour after the commencement of the loan period, it will be deemed that the boat is no longer required; the reservation will be cancelled and the boat may be used by other members upon completion of a new Booking Form.

3.5] A contribution towards club boat maintenance is payable by any member booking the following

Boats for recreational sailing or racing:-

Double Handers (RS Vision & Wayfarers) - £10 per session [ £30 per day] for Adults, £4 [£12 per day] for under 18s

Single Handers (Lasers & Toppers) – £8 per session [ £24 per day] for Adults, £3 [£9 per day] for under 18s

3.6] If the member booking the boat is not at the club by the following times it will be deemed that the boat is no longer required ; the reservation will be cancelled and the boat may be used by other members upon completion of a new Booking Form.

Morning - 10 am

Afternoon - 1.30 pm

Evening - 7.00pm (6.30pm when evening racing starts at 7pm)

3.7] On the occasion of the boat usage and prior to the boat being used Part 2 of the "Club Boat Booking Form" must be completed and signed by the member (or parent/guardian in the case of a junior member). Any faults, loss or damage to the boat prior to usage must be noted on the form.

3.8] The club boat user (or parent/guardian in the case of a member under the age of 16) accepts full responsibility for the club boat until it is returned.

3.9] Club boats can only be sailed from the club premises and may not be taken to other waters without the written permission of the committee.

3.10] At the end of the loan period Part 3 of the "Club Boat Booking Form" must be completed , and any faults, loss or damage occurring to the boat during the loan, must be noted on the form and reported by email to the club boat information email:

3.11] Boats are not available for loan during adult training days and Junior training days, other than by those taking part in the training day except for boats reserved for juniors only and club optimists which may be booked on an adult training day.  


4.1] The club boat user must properly rig, de-rig, clean and return the club boat in good order, ensuring all parts are packed away neatly and in the right place. There are rigging instructions on the inside of the relevant panel in the storage locker.

4.2] At the conclusion of the loan period the club boat user must ensure that, not only is the equipment properly stored and returned the storage locker, but also that the storage locker is properly locked. The membership key card will record who has locked/unlocked the storage locker. Members using boats without following the booking system may have their access cards cancelled.

4.3] If the boat is already rigged by another member a new "Club Boat Booking Form" must be completed before taking the boat out.

4.4] Should the boat be found to be faulty in any way during rigging, the boat out shall not be taken out.

4.5] Equipment is not to be transferred between boats. All items for each boat are uniquely colour coded.

4.6] If a club boat is found to be unusable or rendered unusable by damage during use the member, to whom the boat is booked, is responsible for notifying the club boat co-ordinator by email: and noting the boat in question as unusable on the relevant page at the front of this book.

4.7] If, at the conclusion of the loan period, the sails are wet, they shall not be packed away in the storage locker, but hung up on the designated lines in the sail loft to dry.  When sails are left in the sail loft to dry, the boat to which the sails belong shall be noted on the relevant page at the front of this book.. If sails are found to be in the sail loft at the start of the loan period and they are dry at the conclusion of use, they should be properly packed away and returned to the appropriate compartment in the storage locker not returned to the sail loft.

4.8] Adult members using club boats are responsible for the cost of repair to damage and replacement of loss occurring during the period of use other than wear and tear.

4.9] Where damage caused during the load period is such that an insurance claim is required, the member using the boat will be required to pay the insurance excess, which is currently £50.00. Junior members will not be required to pay the insurance excess.

4.10] Maintenance contributions will be billed monthly, based upon the booking form and key card usage.

Richard Beach:

Looks after the club boats, please help him by reporting any problems with any of the club boats by emailing

Jo Ling:

Processes the bookings, please email at least 24 hours in advance of wishing to hire a club boat.  Please do not take out a club boat without confirmation of your booking.

Richard Beach

Looks after the maintenance of our club boats, please help him by reporting any problems with any of the club boats by emailing him on

Richard Beach