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We usually have berthing available in our dinghy park for members boats but later in the season certain restrictions may apply to the type and size of boat we can accommodate.  It is always advisable to contact the berthing secretary to check availability.  Berthing fees are set out in the membership page.

Conditions of Berthing

Sailing Dinghies and tenders must be berthed on the berths allocated to them on appropriate launching trolleys.  Road trailers may be kept in the Club's trailer park at the owners risk but may not be left in other areas of the club site.  Other types of craft are only allowed on the site at the discretion of the Berthing Secretary and Committee.  Berths are allocated for the season from the first weekend in March to the last weekend in November.  Berthing labels must be prominently displayed on all boats in the position/s stipulated by the Berthing Secretary.

Members who do not occupy their berth before 1st May must notify the Berthing Secretary by 7th May giving an adequate reason.  If this is not done the berth may be re-allocated.  In this situation the berth fee may not be refunded.  Boats must not be left on the Club site outside the period March to November without the permission of the Berthing Secretary who may, at his discretion, allocate them a winter berth.  

Boats and associated equipment, whether placed in a properly allocated berth or not, may be moved if required by the Berthing Secretary or a Flag Officer without the committee being liable for any loss or damage, however caused.

Launching trolleys, tenders and road trailers must be clearly marked or labelled with the name of the boat, its sail number, or the name of the owner/member.

The Club shall, at all times, have a lien over members' or former members' or any other persons' boats parked or moored on the club's premises or club moorings, in respect of all monies due to the club, whether in respect of arrears of fees or subscriptions or otherwise.

If at any time any fees or charges payable to the Club (as decided by the club rules or in respect of temporary storage by the Club Committee) by any member or former member, or any other person, in respect of the keeping of a boat and associated equipment on the club grounds shall be three months or more in arrears, the committee shall be entitled to secure the boat or move it to a place of safe keeping without being liable for any loss or damage to the boat howsoever caused.

Upon giving three months notice in writing to the member or former member, at their last known address shown in the register of members, or to the last known  address of the boat owner or keeper if they happen not to be club members or former members, the Committee shall be entitled to sell the boat and associated equipment.  The committee may deduct any monies due to the club (whether by way of arrears of subscriptions or mooring fees or otherwise) from the net proceeds of any sale, before accounting for the balance (if any) to the member or former member or boat owner or keeper.

Alternatively any boat which in the opinion of the Committee cannot be sold may, upon such notice as aforesaid, be disposed of in any manner the Committee may think fit and the expense recovered from the member or former member or boat owner or keeper.

In the case of a boat stated to be jointly owned the provisions of this rule shall be effectual in respect of all parties expressing a legitimate interest, the proof of which shall lie with them.

Where the sale of boat and equipment leaves a positive balance it will be the responsibility of the original owner to claim the balance form the committee in writing within four years of the original default. Unclaimed funds will become the property of the club.

The committee shall implement action as above in all cases except where the Commodore and Berthing Secretary are aware of a member or owner being in distressed circumstances in which case it shall be at their discretion as to whether the rules are implemented.

Adam Osborn-Jones

Is our berthing secretary, you can contact him on

You can also apply for berths using the form below

Summer Berthing 2022

Please note that booking of
Winter Berths for 2021
has now finished.

Berthing News

2022 berthing list and stickers will be available at the start of the season.  Please ensure you put them on your boat when you bring it down to the club.

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